100 kg sturgeon accidentally fished in the Danube


A 100-kilo sturgeon, accidentally caught in the Borcea branch of the Danube at Fetesti, was handed over to the authorities. The fish was eventually released into the water, following the joint actions of ANPA-DIAI and INCDPM. The fishermen who announced the authorities were paid RON 60 per kilogram, according to the INCDPM procedures, adevarul.ro informs.

Representatives of the two institutions were contacted by fishermen about the accidental capture of the sturgeon weighting more than 100 kg. The two institutions, INCDPM and ANPA, have drawn up an accidental capture record of the sturgeon with the fishermen involved and started the ultrasonic marking at the Fetesti site and then they have released of the sturgeon in its natural environment.

The authorities welcomed the initiative of the fishermen who announced the accidental capture and recommended that such actions be adopted by the rest of the commercial fishermen.

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