1,000 pro-union youngsters from Republic of Moldova marched in Bucharest. Presidential committee to debate the union issue asked for

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About 1,000 youngsters from Republic of Moldova crossed the Prut River to Romania on the Ungheni railroad bridge on Saturday, while symbolically rebuilding “The Flower Bridges” and chanting for the Union and for abolishment of the border over Prut. Romanians from several counties welcomed them with flowers and knot-shaped breads.

The youngsters left Chisinau on foot on July 5 and arrived in Bucharest on Sunday. Some 500 young fellows from Bucharest welcomed them in front of the National Theatre, giving them flowers, bread and salt, following an ancient Romanian tradition. The Romanian youngsters were wearing national folk costumes and brought tricolors, icons and banners bearing the message: “We want the union.”

They marched from University Square to Cotroceni Palace, where they asked President Iohannis to speed the reunion process.

President Iohannis was not there to meet them, as he left for an official visit to Spain. However he previously said that he is very impressed by the young Moldovans’ action. “Unfortunately, I won’t be in the country to welcome them at Cotroceni Palace but I would have really enjoyed meeting them” Klaus Iohannis wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

“By their bold action they proved that our path has a joint destination, with all the strength of a generation that deeply feels it is European. We’ll prove all that, no matter how much it takes, we’ll fulfill our dream to be together in Europe. I am sure that people on both sides of Prut river will be together again some day not only in the Union, but also in the communion,” the head of state also said.

The Moldovan youngsters and the Union Platform Action 2012 ask the Romania’s Presidency, Parliament and Government to set up some institutions that should manage the relation with Republic of Moldova in the view of urging the union between the two countries. They want that a presidential committee should be set up to analyze the union’s impact. They also want a permanent parliamentary committee Romania-R.of Moldova and an office for the R. of Moldova subordinated to the Romanian PM’s office.

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