10,000 public servants countrywide protest against wage bill

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Public servants from city halls, county councils and prefectures protested on Tuesday in front of the institutions against the unitary wage law. Among them were employees of the Consumer Protection, Environment Guard and Labour Inspection, realitatea.net reports.

They protested against the lack of a wage scale for the local public administration.

The Consumer Protection (ANPC) employees’ protests aimed to draw attention that the wage system for ANPC should have the same scale as ANSVSA (sanitary and veterinary authority).

The registrars and clerks in Arad, Prahova and Constanta also protested against the wage bill, saying that, following its implementation, they can collect by RON 1,300 less as wage. They were joined by the registrars in Alba, Sibiu and Dolj counties. They chanted: “Spontaneous protests against the unitary wage law” and “Wages according to seniority”.

In Arad about 40 registrars with the Arad Court protested downtown the city, without affecting the court’s activity.

In Constanta 20 registrars protested, employees with the local courts.

In Alba about 100 clerks protested for the second consecutive day in front of Alba Iulia Court, the protest being “the only way to make deciding institutions react,” according to trade union leader Raul Ban Nicolae.

Dozens of registrars also protested in Cluj in front of the Palace of Justice. Trade union leader Maria Olaru stated the protest comes as they have not been consulted regarding the new unitary wage law.

In Sibiu and Dolj, about 30 and respectively 50 registrars halted work for an hour: “We are addressed as we are unqualified workers,” they say.


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