10yo girl from Oradea with deaf mute parents calls the ambulance for her brother


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A ten year-old girl from Oradea, whose parents were deaf mute, has saved her brother by calling 112 emergency call to ask for the ambulance’s help. The boy, who is older than her by one year, was sick.

The dialogue between the girl and the 112 operators was made public by the representatives of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS), who say that, confident and self-controlled, the 10-year-old girl told the operators, like a grown up, which is the condition of her older brother.

She confessed to them that her parents are people with hearing and speech impairments. And for her brother to get medical help as soon as possible, she turned to the Emergency Department. At the instructions of the STS operator of the Bihor Emergency Call Center, the girl waited for the connection with the ambulance service, managing to provide them with all the necessary information.

Operator 112: 112, what emergency do you have?   

Girl: Hello, good morning. My brother is sick, pale, and vomited twice.   

Operator 112: How old is he?   

Girl: 11.  

Operator 112: What’s your name?   

The girl: M. E.

Operator 112: How old are you?   

Girl: 10 years old.   

Operator 112: Are your parents home?

Girl: Yes, but they are deaf mute.

Operator 112: I’ll talk to the ambulance, stay on the phone, don’t hang up.

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