11yo girl and her mother in hospital after being attacked by bear in Vrancea

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A 11-year-old girl and her mother have been attacked and injured by a she-bear while grazing the sheep in a village in Vrancea county. The two are now in hospital.

The incident took place on Friday morning. The she-bear attacked the girl first and her mother prompted in and saved the child’s life. The girl got away with minor injuries, but the mother has severe bites on her legs and has been hospitalized in serious condition.

Bear attacks have been on the rise lately in Romania.

The incident occurred on a extravilan plot of land near the Livezi village, so not in the forest.

“The woman was grazing the sheep on a hill and her 11yo girl was accompanying her. The bear bit the girl on her back and the woman on her legs. “They screamed and were lucky that the she-bear was with her cubs, which ran away and the she-bear went along with the cubs,” the village local authorities said.

Another bear killed a man in the same area this spring where the mother and daughter had been attacked today. Locals say they are afraid to get out of their houses.

On Thursday, another bear has entered several households. Local residents plan to ask authorities to issue a permit to shoot the dangerous bears.

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