1,200 prisoners already released, the number will reach 8,000 per year. 70-80pc will be arrested again

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The National Penitentiaries Administration’s trade union federation says Justice Minister Tudorel Toader is wrong by claiming only 650 prisoners have been released after the compensatory appeal was approved.

“The Justice Minister misinforms the Parliament by stating that, during the first month of enforcement, 650 prisoners have been released and that 25,093 inmates are still in the penitentiaries. Actually, 24,464 prisoners are still in. According to the ANP statistics, by enforcing the compensatory appeal law have been released more than 1,200 prisoners and more than 8,000 will be released during the first year of enforcement, according to our estimates. This means, considering that most of them (70-80%) will be arrested during the mentioned period, we will have about 5,000 more crimes as compared to the normal dynamics if criminality. Most likely we will register zero benefits in regard to the upgrading of the penitentiary system, considering that large investments to modernize penitentiaries are still in the first stage, of intention,” a document posted on the National Penitentiaries Administration’s trade union federation website reads, hotnews.ro informs.

Law 169/2017 on compensatory measures for inmates living in improper accommodation conditions has come into force in October. According to the law for each 30 days in inappropriate conditions, 6 days more are considered as served.

The law providing 6 more days to be taken into consideration as served for every 30 days of sentence in inappropriate conditions was promulgated on July 14 by President Klaus Iohannis.

The draft bill was challenged by the opposition to the Constitutional Court, but the judges decided on July 5 that the law is constitutional. 51 PNL and USR deputies challenged to the CCR the amendments as unconstitutional and claimed they are in fact concealed pardons.

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