123 people infected with COVID-19 in Romania, we enter the third scenario. What does it involve?


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The threshold of 100 people infected with the novel Coronavirus has been exceeded in Romania, after the number of confirmed cases mounted to 123 on Saturday night. Romania is thus entering the third scenario, with more restrictions to be enforced.

Case 123- Young man, aged 24 from Bucharest, horticultural engineer, District 4 Public Domain Administration, contact of the retired police officer, who lied he had returned from Israel.

Case 122– Woman, aged 58 from Bucharest, nurse at Gerota Hospital, contact of former police officer.

Case 121– 37-year-old man from Bucharest returned from Norway on March 13, admitted to Victor Babes Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Bucharest.

Case 120 – Man, aged 46, from Satu Mare, returned from Italy on March 11, under quarantine in Satu Mare.

Case 119 – Woman, aged 25, from Cluj-Napoca, returned from Berlin on March 11.

Case 118– Woman, aged 33, from Constanța, contact of the Liberal senator Vergil Chitac.

Case 117 – Woman, aged 43, from Vaslui, returned from Italy, under quarantine in Arad, will be admitted at the Infectious Disease Hospital in Timișoara.

Case 116 – Man,  aged 60, Caraș Severin, under quarantine in Reșița, returned from Italy on March 11.

Case 115 – Woman, aged 45, from Hunedoara, nurse, contact of the 26yo young woman who broke the isolation rules.

Case 114 – Women, aged 38, Hunedoara, nurse, contact of the 26yo young woman who broke the isolation rules.

Case 113 – Man, aged 36 from Timișoara, returned from Italy on March 12, in quarantine in Timișoara.

Case 112 – Woman, aged 33 from Timișoara, returned from Italy on March 12, under quarantine.

Case 111 Woman, aged 53 from Brașov, contact of the man who had come from Boston.

Case 110 Man, aged 3, Constanța, contact of senator Chitac.


The toll has climbed to 109 on Saturday at noon after three members of the National Liberal Party (PNL) had been confirmed with COVID-19, being infected by the Liberal senator Vergil Chitac, who had tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, and other six separates case came out with the infection.

Chitac attended a NATO meeting in Brussels and apparently he did not respect the quarantine/isolation measures imposed under these circumstances.

On Saturday, the Group of Strategic Communication has confirmed there are three more people who tested positive, namely the three PNL members who had got in contact with senator Chitac the past days when they all attended the party’s National Political Bureau: Liberal deputy Lucian Heius, mayor of Deva Florin Oancea and a county councilman Adrian David Nicolae.

All three are in isolation at home.

What does the 3rd scenario mean?

The third scenario is in place when the number of infections exceeded 100, from 101 up to 2,000 (a spread on large scale) and implies tougher measures and restrictions, as the pressure on the healthcare system is increasing.

Therefore, in this stage, the capacity of response to coronavirus is rising and a triage is starting in every hospital: cases of coronavirus will be prioritised and all other cases that are not emergencies will be delayed or relocated to other hospitals. All infectious disease hospitals will treat only patients infected with COVID-19. Spaces for treatment will be expanded and more doctors will be called on duty.

There will be new tightened restrictions on circulation and new spaces for quarantine are being identified. It’s possible now authorities will impose home quarantine under special security.

Very important, now it’s the stage when public gatherings involving more than 50 people are restricted.

“Cultural, scientific, artistic, religious, sports and entertainment activities that involve the participation of over 50 people in enclosed spaces are restricted, including those in spa treatment centres, fitness rooms, SPA and beauty salons, gambling halls and casinos”, informs the National Committee for Emergency Situations.

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