12yo girl from Oradea, infected with Covid-19, insists of being hospitalized to protect her sick mom

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A 12-year-old girl from Oradea, northwestern Romania, who got infected with the novel coronavirus, has asked doctors to hospitalize her, upon her own request, in order to protect her sick mother, ebihoreanul.ro reports.

The girl named Ariana has insisted to be taken to hospital and has packed her baggage by herself despite the fact her mother would not let her go. The girl has mild symptoms for now.

She tested positive for Covid-19 and her mother tested negative. As she had developed no symptoms back then, the health workers told Ariana and her mother that she can choose: to be hospitalized or stay in isolation at home.

The girl was the one who has insistently asked to be admitted in hospital, as her mother is suffering of cancer ans she is undergoing chemotherapy.

Ariana suspect she has been infected with COVID-19 when she went out at a terrace with some friends. One of the girls who met Ariana back then tested positive for coronavirus, so Ariana and her mom had also to be tested.

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