13 of the best students of Bucharest’s technical faculties to begin Intel Summer Experience

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Intel Romania Software Development Center ended the preselection of 13 youngest employees for the 3rd edition of Summer Experience internship program.

841 applications from Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers were subscribed on intel.stagiipebune.ro platform, which recorded an impressive number of 9,072 views on open internships.

Therefore, the offered internal positions have covered Enterprise Performance Analysis, Mobile Performance Analysis and Performance Analysis areas: Data Mining and Visualization, Runtime Optimizations, Internet of Things Performance Optimizations, Internet of Things Communications, Android Platform Development, Android Advanced Development, Intel® Software Guard Extensions Development, Chrome Development.

Android Platform Development position has drawn most applicants – 141 candidates, while Chrome Development has benefited from most of views, based on the number of available positions, 616 views for one vacant line-up.

Among the wanted qualities were: teamwork, a balanced mix of technical knowledge and soft skills, creativity, technical ingenuity.

The practical training will begin on June 22 and will end on September 25, 2015. During the three months spent in Intel Romania Software Development Center, the students will work on technical projects under the guidance of Intel engineers, they will attend professional and personal development courses, but also at team activities.

All internships are paid and recognized as practice by the faculties from where the students come, under official collaboration that Intel has with the universities of Romania. Following the first editions of the Intel Summer Experience program 23 students were recruited, of which 11 are still working for Intel.

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