13th century-old fortress from Rimetea to be restored with EU funds


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Coltesti Fortress located at Rimetea, Alba County, built in the 13th century, will be rehabilitated and enhanced with funds of over 2.1 million euros, secured through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). The fortress will also be included in the Route of Citadels, along with Sighisoara, Sarmizegetusa, Oradea and Brasov, according to an announcement by the Rimetea village mayor’s office. The exact sum provided through the PNRR financing is EUR 2.155 million.

Torockovar in Hungarian, the fortress from Coltesti belonged to the nobles of Trascau. The fortress was built in 1296, as a defense measure following the Tatar invasions of the 13th century. The fortress was first demolished during the peasant rebellion led by Gheorghe Doja (1514), and then was permanently destroyed by a fire in 1713, by the Austrian army, led by general Tiege.

Another historic monument to be restored through PNRR funds is also Craisor Bastion of the Oradea Fortress.

The fortress tourist route also includes the fortress of Sighisoara, Sarmizegetusa, Oradea, Brasov and Coltesti and aims to promote them to boost national tourism.

Rimetea is dubbed as one of the most beautiful locations in Transylvania and in Romania.

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