15 UK cyclists raise money to provide Romanian pupils with green knowledge

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15 cyclists from UK will pedal hundreds kilometers across Romanian villages, fortified churches and wooded paths in Ardeal in a fund-raising campaign to buy a double-decker. The vehicle will be used by volunteers who will tour the schools to teach Romanian pupils all about nature.

So, the 15 British cyclists will take a 500-km ride through Transylvania to help a British foundation to raise money to provide Romanian pupils with green knowledge.

Each volunteer will donate at least GBP 3,000 for the Transylvanian stay and the organizers are planning to buy a double-decker bus, just like those in London, to be turned into a real natural wheeled museum. The vehicle will tour as many villages as possible to present children the wild nature.

The British volunteer argue that in the Internet age children used to forget nature, with most of them barely being able to recognize few species of animals.

“The wild kingdom” initiative is a mobile educational project for children set up by “The European Nature Trust”, a British foundation that is also promoted by Wild Carpathia documentaries.

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