1,500 tourists, including hundreds of Romanians, blocked on Samothraki island in Greece after ferries broke down

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Around 1,500 tourists – Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Serbians and French – have been blocked on the Greek island of Samothraki after the ferries connecting the island with the mainland had broken down. Moreover, wildfires threatening the island are creating panic.

Tourists have left their cars in the port, hoping they will catch the first ferry that will come, and they began searching for accommodation: some bought tents, others found overpriced accommodation.

The “SAOS II” ferry that connected the island of Samothraki and the city of Alexandroupolis in the mainland Greece has broken down last week, while the ship sent to take over the tourists has also broken down, voria.gr reported.

The information caused outraged and panic among tourists who are now “trapped” on the island. The authorities allowed some visitors to sleep in a few buildings of the local administration, while other tourists set up their tents near the harbour.

Moreover, a wildfire has broken out on the island on Monday, but firemen managed to isolate the outbreak and the fire seems to be under control for now.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel alert for several Greek island, including Samothraki, since last week.

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