168 died of coronavirus in Romania. Threshold of 4,000 cases overall exceeded, 193 new ones


The coronavirus death toll climbed to 168 on Monday evening.

The Strategic Communication Group has announced that 4,057 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Romania so far by Monday, April 6, 13:00hrs, with 193 new cases. Out of them, 406 were declared cured and were discharged from hospitals.

There are 179 patients at intensive care at the moment.

There were 23,849 people under quarantine in Romania, while other 106,463 are self-isolated at home, under medical surveillance. 40,987 tests have been processed in Romania so far.

The last six victims are five men and a woman, aged from 54 to 86. Three of the last victims were 54 and 56 years old: a 83yo man from Botosani, admitted at the county hospital following a domestic accident. He also had diabetes; a 84yo man from Cluj, with hepatitis, hypertension, cholelithiasis, acute kidney failure; 56yo man from Mures, with hypertension, chronic kidney failure; 56yo man from Timis, with diabetes, addicted to insulin; 70yo man from Hunedoara with prostate adenoma; 54yo woman from Neamt with duodenum tumor, severe anemia and pneumonia.


The the 158th, 159th, 160th, 161th, 162th victims are four men and a woman, aged from 67 to 89, all having pre-existing medical conditions: a 67yo man from Ilfov, with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, obesity and neuromuscular disease, a 70yo man from Iasi with hepatic cirrhosis, alcoholism, hypertension, a 89yo woman from Arges with previous heart attacks, heart failure, hypertension and  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), 71yo man from Vaslui with heart attack, two stents and 82yo man from Bihor with hypertension, diabetes, neurological disease, cardiovascular disease.

The 152th, 153th, 154th, 155th, 156th, 157th are a 66yo man from Constanta, a 72yo woman from Satu Mare (she had previous strokes), a 71yo man from Hunedoara (he had diabetes and hypertension), a 66yo woman from Cluj, a 70yo man from Bihor and a 70yo woman from Iasi, contact of a person previously confirmed with coronavirus.

The 149th, the 150th and the 151th cases are a 68yo man from Ilfov, on dialysis at the private centre in Bucharest where several other cases have been reported, a 56yo man from Suceava, also with a terminal kidney disease and a 74yo man from Galati, living in the nursing home where other cases had been confirmed.

Other victims (the 147th and the 148th cases) are a 82yo old man from the nursing home in Galati and a 70yo old woman from Giurgiu. He died on April 4, with serious pre-existing conditions: dementia, ischaemic heart disease, atrial fibrillation, cardiac failure. The woman was hospitalised on April 3 and confirmed positive with coronavirus on April 4, she died on the same day. She was on dialysis, she had chronic kidney failure.

By Sunday, April 5 there have been 3,864 coronavirus cases in Romania, with 251 new more cases reported since Saturday. 374 patients of the total were cured and discharged from hospitals.

There are currently 141 patients hospitalised in intensive care.


The Strategic Communication Group announced there were 430 new more cases of coronavirus on Saturday, with the total climbing to 3,613. 329 are declared cured and were discharged from hospitals. There were 119 patients admitted to intensive care so far.

There were 3,183 cases of COVID-19 overall in Romania on Friday, with 445 new cases reported in the past 24 hours.

Health minister Nelu Tataru himself was tested again, after one secretary of state in his ministry had been confirmed with Coronavirus. The minister tested negative.

Secretary of State for Emergency Situations Raed Arafat told Digi 24 that the state of emergency might be extended for one more month. A decision in this respect might be taken next week. “I don’t think we’ll get out of the stage of countering the virus before the end of May”, Arafat said.

PM Ludovic Orban announced had a meeting with Interior and Health minister today, with another military ordinance to be enforced. The 7th military ordinance puts the town of Tandarei, Ialomita county, under total lockdown, mening nobody is entering or going out of the town. The decision has been taken considering the high number of coronavirus cases and deaths caused by the virus.

Interior minister Marcel Vela announced that out of the total number of COVID-19 cases in Ialomita county 31 are from Tandarei, which means 60%. Among the 8 dead in the county, 7 are from Tandarei.


Death toll

Death 123: Man, aged 66 from Bistrița Năsăud. Admitted to Bistrita County Hospital on March 28, confirmed positive on March 29. He died on April 3. Pre-existing conditions: stage-three lymphatic leukemia, type two diabetes, hypertension.

Death 124: Man, aged 59 from Bistrița Năsăud. He was in self-isolation, returned from Switzerland, on March 25. Hospitalised on March 31, testes positive on April 2. He had died on April 1. He head diabetes, dependent on insulin.

Death 125: Man, aged 27 from Sibiu. He died on March 31, he was found in his house later on. Doctors took his blood tests postmortem and the result cam back positive for coronavirus on April 2.

Death 126: Man, aged 61, Galati. Returned from Antalya on March 20. Admitted at Galati County Hospital on March 26, tested positive for COVID-19 on the same day. He died on April 3. He had type two diabetes, hypertension and chronic liver disease.

Death 127: Man, aged 46, Ialomita. Hospitalised on March 31 at intensive care of the county hospital in Slobozia. Confirmed with covid on April 1. He died on April 3.

Death 128: Woman, aged 77 from Suceava. Admitted at Suceava County Hospital on March 19. He tested positive on March 30, tests taken on March 25. She died on April 2.

Death 129: Man, aged 62, Suceava. Hospitalised on March 17, tested positive on March 25. He died on April 2.

Death 130: Woman, aged 63, Suceava. Admitted to hospital on March 27, tested positive on April 2, died on the same day.

Death 131: Man, aged 67, Suceava. Hospitalised on March 27, tested on March 29, tested positive on April 2. He had died on March 30.

Death 132: Man, aged 58, Suceava. Admitted to the county hospital on March 29, tested on March 29, reuslt came back positive on April 3. He had died on March 30. Pre-existing conditions: type two diabetes, previous heart attack.

Death 133: Woman, aged 62, Ialomita. Hospitalised in Slobozia on March 31. She tested positive for COVID-19 on April 2. She died on April 3. She had type two diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease.

Death 134: Woman, aged 66 from Bucharest, on dialysis, originating from the private dialysis clinic in Bucharest where other coronavirus cases had been reported. She was found dead in her house on April 3. She had been confirmed with COVID-19 on April 2.

Death 135: Man, 34 years old, Mures: He was known with Pradder Willi Syndrome, was admitted at intensive care at Mures county hospital with fever, coughing, dyspnea on March 26. The first test for covid019 came out negative, but the next one returned positive on April 3. Other pre-existing conditions: obesity, cardiovascular disease, lung disease. He had died since March 27.

Death 136: Man, aged 59, Mehedinti. Admitted to Victor Babes hospital for infectious diseases in Bucharest on March 29. Confirmed with coronavirus on March 27. He died on April 3. He had respiratory failure, hepatic cytolysis, acute kidney injury, morbid obesity.

Death 137: Woman, aged 82 from Galati. She was living in a nursing home. She tested positive on April 3, she died on the same day. Other cases in the retirement home were also confirmed with COVID-19.

Death 138: Man, aged 79, Cluj. He called the ambulance on April 3, but he died in the ambulance. He was most probably infected by his son in law, who was driver of a local bus. Pre-existing conditions: cerebral senility, mixed dementia, massive heart attack, cardiovascular and lung diseases.

Death 139: Woman, aged 59, Timis. She also died in the ambulance while she was being transferred from the orthopedics ward of the Timisoara county hospital to Victor Babes hospital for infectious diseases in Timisoara. She tested positive for Covid-19 on April 3, she died on the same day.

Death 140: Woman, aged 59, Bucharest. She came from the outbreak of the dialysis centre in Bucharest. Confirmed positive on March 27, she died on March 29.

Death 141: Man, aged 59, Arad. He was admitted to Arad county hospital with pulmonary disease, hypertension. Confirmed on April 3, dead on April 2.

The latest victims are aged 51, 53, 61, 78, 79 and 84, five men and one woman, three from Hunedoara, two from Suceava and one from Bucharest. All six , except two, had pre-existing medical conditions: liver cirrhosis, lung cancer, breast cancer (the woman), Parkinson disease.

The 53yo man from Bucharest is not known with any disease. He was admitted at Matei Bals Institute for Infectious Diseases on March 24 and died on April 4.

Another man, aged 84 from Suceava, was contact of his daughter, previously confirmed with COVID-19.

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