17 Romanian claimers to receive EUR 15,000 each in the Revolution file

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Each of the 17 Romanians who filed complaints against the Romanian state in the 1989 Revolution file will receive EUR 15,000 plus trial expenses, following a court decision ruled by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Tuesday.

According to the lawayer Ionut Matei, all ECHR conclusions point to the same situation, meaning that the Romanian authorities haven’t conducted a proper investigation in this case and haven’t established the guilty persons.

Each claimant asked for a EUR 100,000 moral compensation, while the Romanian Government said the sums were too high.

The European Court assessed that ‘the Article 2 of the Convention has been breached duo to the lack of an efficient investigation related to the December 1989 events where the relatives of the claimants had been shot or murdered.’

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