17% Romanians concerned about not having enough privacy at home

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85% of people believe they have a right to privacy at home, yet 1 in 4 are concerned that our privacy needs are not being met, a recent survey shows.

The IKEA Life At Home Report 2019 tried to understand what’s causing this gap between what we need and what we get, and how we can close it, the more as today privacy is a necessity that can sometimes feel impossible to get. The research showed that privacy is much more than an emotional need, and to many people, privacy at home feels like a right, and that getting privacy is often about context – where we live, who we live with, and our roles in the home. These are the factors which create the privacy access gap.

Some countries struggle to get privacy at home more than other. The least concerned about that are the citizens in Sweden (12%), while the most concerned are those from the Philippines (49%). The percentage for Romania is 17%, so there is also a low level of concern amongst our fellow countrymen about not having enough privacy at home.

On the other hand, 91% In Romania believe it is their right to have privacy in their own home.

The online survey was conducted in Romania between the 17th July and 30th July 2019. The survey was conducted amongst nationally representative sample of 1000 people, aged 18+ years.

Globally, privacy at home seems harder to achieve in urban areas.

Around the globe, the study revealed that because cities feel busier, noisier, and more crowded, life in a city can feel more intense. This makes it harder for urbanites to achieve privacy, because they feel hyperconnected to what is going on beyond the four walls of home. However, this does not seem to be a barrier for urbanites vs. rural dwellers in Romania.

17% of urbanites in Romania agree that sensing the outside world gets in the way of achieving privacy, vs. 18% of those living in a rural area 16% of urbanites in Romania agree that always being connected to social media gets in the way of achieving privacy, vs. 19% of those living in a rural area.

64% In Romania feel truly themselves when they are private vs. 54% globally. 73% In Romania seek privacy to improve their relationships vs. 76% globally.

17% of Romanians say noise and smells from outside get in the way of privacy at home, vs. 20% globally.

77% In Romania say that privacy is an important part of their wellbeing, with 60% feeling frustration when they don’t get privacy and 31% feeling anxious.

71% Romanians say privacy is important to achieve time and space for activities that enable personal growth and 99% enjoy doing deliberate, specific activities when they have privacy at home.

Only 9% of Romanians don’t feel we have the right to ask for privacy at home, while 16% are afraid people will take it personally when asking for privacy.

19% in Romania say people in their homes have different expectations of privacy vs. 22% globally. 8% in Romania say they are not allowed to ask for privacy at home –in line with the 9% who agree globally.

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