17-year old from Teleorman – the eighth victim of influenza. Health Minister says there is no epidemic


The number of deaths caused by influenza has reached 8, as on Tuesday a young man from Teleorman County, aged 17, has passed away, infected with the influenza virus A, the National Institute for Public Health informs.

The young man was confirmed with the influenza virus type A, subtype H1 pdm09 and respiratory virus VRS, with preexistent medical conditions. He had not been previously vaccinated, the institute further informs.

After the announcement, Health Minister Sorina Pintea said on Tuesday that, for the time being, there is no influenza epidemic, it is only a more intense activity of the influenza virus. Pintea also argues she has not been informed about any hospital going into quarantine.

“We cannot say it is an influenza epidemic for the moment, it is only about a more intense activity of the influenza virus. It is true the hospitals and ‘under siege’ now, but each one has the option to limit the number of visitors in the hospital,” Sorina Pintea said.

The minister added that the latest information points to the fact that 1.2 million people have been vaccinated against influenza. Pintea says 1.3 million doses of vaccine have been purchased and thus we still have 100,000 doses on stock.

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