17-year-old marasca cherries brandy sold for huge sum in Satu Mare

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A distillates producer from Satu Mare, northwestern Romania, has put up for sale a 17-year-old marasca cherries brandy in a glass globe with gold thread for EUR 2,000/litre. The liquor is inspired by “Crai Nou” ballad by famous Romanian composer Ciprian Porumbescu.

The producer says the product is delivered on order and that most of the customers are from Romania. The producer also explained that they named the brandy a liquor for lovers, for rare occasions, as the content is unique.

The price can reach EUR 2,000 per litre and most of the orders came from Romania, with customers saying it is an investment.

The producer from Satu Mare has launched a collection of four sealed 40-ml glasses last year on the Centennial, each of them containing plum brandy, pear brandy, apple brandy and sour cherries brandy.

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