180 Romanians blocked on an airport in Belgium following cancelled flight, Codruta Kovesi among passengers


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Passengers of a Wizz Air flight who were supposed to reach Cluj-Napoca from Belgium have been blocked on the airport in Liege since Thursday night.

Passengers were announced at 2 a.m. that their flight had been cancelled. The new flight was scheduled to take off today around 11:00hrs.

“In Liege they told us the plane is not taking off anymore. Nobody knows anything. We arrived in Liege at midnight. Nobody from the airline has contacted us till now. We got water at 5 a.m. and today at 8 a.m. they brought us some sandwiches. We had babies with us. Those from Wizz Air were inhuman and we cannot contact them. Mrs. consul told us that a crew is coming from Charleroi and we’ll arrive in Romania today. But we have no confirmation yet. I heard it was fog in Cluj, that’s all and that passengers from Cluj were taken to Sibiu. But, nobody is telling us anything. We estimate there are 180 people”, a passenger told Digi24.

Among the passengers of the cancelled flight there was the European Chief Prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, former Head of the Romanian Anti-Corruption Directorate. Kovesi confirmed to G4Media  that nobody from the airline provided them with any answers.

“I chose this flight for it was the closest to home, I wanted to be with my family on the winter holidays. After I had the check-in yesterday at 14:00hrs on the Charleroi airport, we were announced the flight has a 3-hour delay. Then they announced another 3-hour delay. Most of the passengers called Wizz Air, but nobody answered and the airport staff just told us there <some operational problems>“, Kovesi said.

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