2014 SRI activity report: Organized crime groups crept at the top of public institutions

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 Other countries ordered cyber attacks on Romania’s public entities.


Organized crime groups have succeeded in penetrating top levels of public institutions, with high-ranking officials and public servants even coordinating these networks, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) reveals in its activity report on 2014 tabled in Parliament.

“Social economic dysfunctions have been intensified by the proliferation of the corruption crimes committed by persons or groups of interests causing significant prejudices to the public budget or to the citizen rights (…) The phenomenon particularly occurred in the public administration system, with the subordination of the law-making process to the private interest affecting the capacity of providing the public services. The abusive actions of some local decision-makers have been enforced by the connections with the underworld representatives,” reads the report.

The document also mentions that public servants or dignitaries have been reported to be members or even coordinators of these organized crime networks.

According to SRI, court rulings have been hijacked last year against increasing interference of some groups of interests on the strength of their relations with magistrates, police officers, lawyers or notaries.

The report warned that the health public system also had to face major deficiencies generated by the lack of financial funds and by the abusive management of the existing money, which favored “corruption and fraud, while the precarious medical services and their negative perception lingered on.”

The national intelligence body also pointed to the educational system’s scarce human and financial resources, which enabled the perpetuation of motivation absence and the low training level of the teachers.

On the other hand, the activity report mentions that the right extremism had a diminished trend, while the pro-Hungarian extremist groups’ intensity was tempered by the Romanian state’s actions.

SRI notes as well that Romania’s profile as potential target for terror attacks registered “a slight increase” last year, with ISIS being reported as the main threat at Europe’s security.

The report also reveals that Romania was victim of the cyber attacks and the security level is failing. SRI identified cyber attacks commissioned by state aggressors including.  Discredit attempts have been tracked down on the IT systems of some defense and national security institutions, and also on foreign and home affairs, research and energy resources bodies. SRI warns the attacks are more and more frequent and sophisticated and the current protection mechanism is not enough to properly counteract this kind of extremely complex attacks.

SRI report is to be debated by the parliamentary committee on SRI activity and then in the Parliament’s plenary sitting.

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