2,297 more inmates to be released from prison due to the compensatory appeal

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The courts have admitted the requests for conditional release of 2,297 prisoners, in addition to the ones already released from prison since the entry into force of Law 169/2017 on Compensatory Appeals so far, the National Administration of Penitentiaries has announced in a press release on Monday, hotnews.ro informs.

The law promulgated by the Parliament provides for the compensation in days of imprisonment for improper detention conditions.

At the end of November, information read that during the past month, 145 prisoners were released, some of them sentenced for murder, robbery, rape.

According to the National Penitentiary Administration (ANP), “during October 19 – November 26, some 732 prisoners have been released following the new regulations according to Law no.169/2017. The courts have also upheld the release on parole of 1,575 inmates.”

The same sources said at the time that five prisoners had been sentenced for murder, eight for rape, 36 for robbery and 50 for theft.

Overall, about 1,300 prisoners were released according to the compensatory appeal.

The ANP trade union federation draws an alarm signal and says that, according to official data, about 80% of the released prisoners relapse during a period of one year.

Law 169/2017 on compensatory measures for inmates living in improper accommodation conditions has come into force in October. According to the law for each 30 days in inappropriate conditions, 6 days more are considered as served.


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