25% of Romanians say they are poor, IRES survey reads


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According to an IRES survey, money is the main concern for Romanians this year. The context is that Romania is on the last positions in Europe in terms of revenues, although the minimum wage has increased lately.

The IRES survey reads that one quarter of Romanians say they are poor, considering the money they earn, stiri.tvr.ro informs. Only 1% of the interviewees say they are rich.

In terms of the average monthly wage, Cluj County is second after Bucharest. Cluj counts on IT, with wages of several thousand euros per month, but the people living in Cluj say money is one of their main concerns.

Only 14% of the interviewees say they have saved money in the bank, 3 out of 10 say they have debts and 17% say the money they earn is not enough for the daily expenses.

The survey reads that Romanians are confident regarding the introducing of the European single currency, 6 out of 10 say it would be beneficial.

The IRES survey was conducted on 972 interviewees.

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