25th death because of measles reported, Health Minister announces


As the controversial law on vaccination is debated by doctors and parents who are pro or against compulsory immunization, Health Minister Florian Bodog, who participates to the discussions, has announced on Thursday that the 25th death because of measles has been recorded, a two-year unvaccinated child from Alesti, Bihor County.

“As you know, we have the 25th death caused by measles, this time in Bihor County, (…) in Alesti. A child who has been tormented, who was hospitalized, and then he was discharged on his own responsibility, a child who lived without a mother – his mother was abroad – and who came into contact with patients who were infected with measles, a two-year-old unvaccinated child,” Bodog said after taking part to the public debate on vaccination law, organised at the National Institute of Public Health.

The Minister said that this case has already been confirmed. “It is confirmed serologically by the medical tests at the Cantacuzino Institute, and is to be confirmed by the necropsy,” Bodog said.

The law under debate foresees that parents who do not vaccinate their children may be imprisoned.

A nine-year-old girl from Timis County died of measles last week. She had not been vaccinated and had been admitted at the Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Timisoara in the past two weeks due to respiratory deficiency. This was the 24th case of death caused by measles in Romania. Most of the victims were from Timis County.

Romania has been fighting the measles epidemic since September last year. Since then up to March 31, no less than 4,025 cases have been reported and 24 deaths.

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