25yo man killed in a nightclub in Medias. The aggressor, recently released following the compensatory appeal, caught

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A 25-year-old man has died on Sunday at the hospital in Medias, Sibiu county, after he had been stabbed during Saturday night following a conflict broken among several locals in a nightclub. Th aggressor, a 30-year-old man, had been recently released from prison based on the compensatory appeal. He has been caught by policemen near Blaj, Alba county and has been taken to hearings.

The suspect is a repeat offender and had been recently released from jail based on the compensatory appeal. He had previously been convicted and imprisoned for murder.

Judiciary sources told journalists that a conflict broke out om a nightclub in Medias between two gangs of youngsters due to an old misunderstanding. At some point, the youngsters got out of the club and continued the row outside. It seems that the victim stumbled and fell down and the aggressor stabbed him near the femoral artery.

Due to the massive blood loss, the 25yo man died later on in hospital.

Prosecutors have remanded three men in this case, saying the victim has stabbed 11 times. R.M., aged 30, the main suspect, is a recidivist, released from jail in May 2018, with 777 prison time left to serve. O.O.I, aged 38, also has a strong criminal record, while A.P., aged 34 is also a recidivist, released from prison on June 2017, with 423 days of jail to be served.

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