27yo jumper dies in Cluj after falling from 3,000 metres high. He was a successful entrepreneur

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A 27-year jumper from Cluj-Napoca died on Saturday in the area of Luncani aerodrome after falling from 3,000 metres high while his parachute failed to open.

Police officers started an investigation probing into the circumstance of the air incident.

“He died after hiting the ground. The victim was practicing parachuting at the aerodrome in Luncani,” judicial sources told Mediafax.

Skydiver Vlad Lupas, 27, had 400 jumps in his record and first leads reveal that his spare parachute has accidentally opened while he was in the plane.

Parachuting instructor Doru Baciu, who was on the plane with Vlad Lupascu told journalists that the young man has been a jumper since 2010.

“He had 400 jumps in his record. During the Saturday flight the spare parachute has unexpectedly opened while he was in the plane, drew him out and he hanged from the plane’s wing. I think the situation got beyond him. The main parachute didn’t open,” Baciu said.

He explained he had gone through a similar incident two years ago, but he managed to keep control and reach the ground safely.

The 27yo jumper would have hit against the plane’ back wing, as investigators say the wing is curved. They also suspect the young man passed out due to this strong blow and that’s why he couldn’t open the parachute anymore, as there are no signs he would even have tried to open the parachute.

Another version considered by the investigators is that he would have opened the spare parachute while diving without knowing it had already opened. The man hit the ground with a speed of 200 km per hour.vlad lupas

Vlad was married with two children, and his wife was pregnant with the third child, Pro TV reported. He was also a successful entrepreneur, running a restaurant chain business with his brother and other two friends. Pro TV says he was the manager of the Salad Box restaurant chain, set up in 2012.

After two years of inaugurating the first restaurant, the Salad Box opened other 25 in 13 cities in Romania, but also in some major commercial centers in Budapest and Heilbronn, Germany. The chain’s turnover last year reached over EUR 10 M.

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