2yo boy who had fallen into a fountain saved after a ten-hour rescue operation. He is hospitalized in critical condition

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Rescue teams have saved a 2yo boy who had fallen into a fountain in a village in Teleorman county (southern Romania) on Tuesday. The fountain was 16m deep and only 30m wide. The rescue mission took more than 10 hours, with tens of firemen and emergency teams struggling to keep the boy alive and to take him out safe and sound. The little boy has been saved around 9 p.m.

Although preliminary information revealed that the boy’s condition was good, his condition is extremely critical. He is admitted at Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital in Bucharest in the intensive care unit, after he has suffer a cardiac arrest and needed CPR procedures.

The doctors say he has suffered severe hypothermia although the rescue teams have struggled to keep him warm all through the rescue operation. Doctors are reticent about his condition due to the boy’s lung problems.

He suffered a kind of aspiration syndrome, as he has stayed upside down for so many hours, he has probably drunk water from the fountain or thrown up. He is currently stable at the intensive care unit, he was hydrated, but yet his condition remains serious due to the pulmonary problems. The prognostic is reserved, for it’s like a pneumonia for there was liquid in the lungs. He is currently mechanically ventilated,” said Raluca Alexandru, spokesperson of the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital for children.

The police has opened an in rem criminal file for bodily injury.

The boy’s mother, eight months pregnant, has been admitted to hospital on Tuesday due to the shock. After discharge on Tuesday she recounted that she had entered the house while the boy was playing with his 3yo sister. When the mother had come out, the child had already fallen in the fountain.

The information last night

We managed to accomplish the rescue mission. It was a difficult intervention. The child is alive, it’s our greatest joy. We took him out with two draw bars which clenched both the child and the pump and we took him out centimeter by centimeter safely,” said the spokesperson of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Gelu Dragomir.

The rescue teams acted on two plans, one of them being to dig parelleled with the fountain to make another communication channel.

The head of the Department for Emergency Situations Raed Arafat has stated that the boy was closely monitored with a video camera all through the rescue operation, with saviors providing him with light, heat and oxygen, to prevent him from getting hypothermia.

The child has fallen in the fountain on Tuesday morning after his mother lost sight of him. Witnesses say that he has fallen into the fountain after he had got on a chair. The boy’s mother, eight months pregnant, was taken to the hospital following the shock.

The little one has been permanently conscious and had not fallen down in the water, which helped the rescue teams. However, due to his early age, the firemen and his family could not communicate with him, as he hasn’t answered their calls.

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