2yo twins die in Ploiesti after falling down from the 10th floor while mom was reportedly live on Facebook


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Two children, twins, aged two, died on Wednesday evening after falling from the tenth floor of a block of flats in Ploiești. At the time of the tragedy, their mother was in another room, being live on Facebook with her third child, five years old and with two friends.

As passers-by watched helplessly as the two children taking their last breath, the woman continued to share a moment of relaxation with her virtual friends, with a cigarette and ‘manele’ in the background. The transmission was interrupted only a few minutes later by police who knocked on the apartment door.

The tragic event took place on Wednesday evening, around 20.40, in a heavily trafficked area of ​​Ploiești, on Republicii Boulevard. Witnesses immediately called 112, saying that two children fell on the asphalt, shortly after each other, from one of the floors of a tower block.

According to the Prahovean Observatory, which cites sources from the investigation, there are also several witnesses, located on a terrace opposite, who saw the children climbing on the window of the apartment where they fell. In just a few minutes, several ambulances, SMURD and fire crews, as well as police officers appeared on the scene. Unfortunately, the fall from the tenth floor of the block was fatal to the two brothers aged two years and two months.

Although the place of the tragedy was surrounded by a lot of people shocked by what happened, the parents of the two children did not appear out of nowhere. Following the investigation, it was also found out why. According to the police, the father was away at work and the mother was in the house, in a different room from the one where the two children were. Initially, from the data provided by IPJ Prahova, collected after the first statements of the mother, she would not have supervised the children because she was busy with household chores in another room. Subsequently, it turned out that the woman was busy with a live on Facebook, and not with cleaning. She was with her third child, aged 5, and two friends.

The sirens of the ambulances that had already reached the scene of the drama can be heard on the video, but the live continues for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, being interrupted by the knocking on the woman’s door, the moment when the police had reached the 10th floor.

According to the quoted source, the children’s mother could not be heard according to the procedures, as she was hospitalized in psychiatry last night, in a state of shock. However, blood samples were taken from her, to determine exactly whether she was under the influence of alcohol or other substances.Sources from the police said for Observatorulph.ro that the professional “concerns” of the woman are being currently checked, as she appeared on social networks in ” situations that were less appropriate with her state of mother”.

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