3 dead, 11 injured after traffic accident in Buzau County

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Three people have died and 11 were injured after a truck transporting timber capsized on Sunday night on DN 2, at the exit from Ramnicu Sarat, Buzau County, over a passenger minibus. The minibus was transporting the men’s handball team from Targoviste, only one person escaping unhurt.
Five people were injured in the accident Sunday night, were transported to emergency hospitals in Bucharest, while three other persons, including the driver responsible for the accident, have been discharged from hospital.
Three people remained hospitalized in Buzau County, one at Ramnicu Sarat Municipal Hospital and two at the Buzau County Hospital.
Witnesses in traffic at the time of the accident declared that the minibus driver had stopped on the roadside after he noticed a problem with the engine and the driver of the truck loaded with timber didn’t see the minibus in due time, the vehicle heavy hitting the minibus full of handball players violently and dragged it a dozen meters up in a ditch on DN 2 (E 85).
Witnesses said that when the driver got out of the truck and saw what happened, he fainted, then was taken by an ambulance.

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