30% of Romanian graduates don’t find a job after finishing University

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TheKnowledgeAcademy.com, experts in training and further qualifications, wanted to investigate the employment rate of recent graduates across Europe to see which countries rank the best, and the ones where you might want to reconsider living in if you are a recent graduate of higher education.

Some of the findings include:

  • The countries with the highest employment rate for recent graduates are: Iceland (91.8%), Malta (90.4%), Netherlands (89.2%), Norway (89.2%) and Germany (88.7%).
  • 50% of graduates can’t find a job in Italy and Greece.
  • In Romania, France, Bulgaria, Croatia and Spain, around 30% of recent graduates don’t have a job after graduation.
  • 20% of British postgraduates can’t get into the job market after graduating.

The data was extracted from Eurostat, and it represents the latest figures for the employment rates of recent graduates.

The Countries with an Excellent Employment Rate

TheKnowledgeAcademy.com can reveal that the countries with the highest graduate employment rate are:

Iceland 91.8 %
Malta 90.4 %
Netherlands 89.2 %
Norway 89.2 %
Germany 88.7 %


The country where 50% of recent graduates DON’T have a job

On the other side of the spectrum, there are some countries that are not doing so well when it comes to the employment success of recent higher education graduates. In fact, in countries such as Romania, France, Bulgaria, Croatia and Spain, around 30% of recent graduates don’t have a job after graduation. However, there are some countries where graduates are finding it even more difficult to get a job. In Italy and Greece, approximately 50% of those who graduate don’t find a job.

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