30 patients of mental hospital in Brasov allegedly used as experimental “lab rats”

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Tens of patients who were not aware of their actions admitted to the Vulcan Mental Hospital would have been allegedly used for some illegal clinical trials.

The manager of the Mental Hospital in Brasov has announced he will start an inquiry to probe into these allegations.

“We have this information that 30 patients were used as test subjects for some medicines. We established an analysis committee, but it is currently blocked. The leader of the clinical trial has refused to give us the list of patients included in the study and he refused to say of the patients had given their consent for this trial. There is the information on a clinical trial in 2005 on 20, 30 patients, some medicines were tested on them. The leader of the trial is a doctor of the hospital,” said the manager.

He argued the clinical trial “is not moral, nor legal”.

According to a European guide of good practice, you are not allowed to make trials on vulnerable patients, and here we have chronic patients, who are not responsible for their actions“, the mental hospital manager added, announcing he will notify the criminal prosecution bodies most probably on Monday.

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