30 suspected of being fake engineers… next level after fake physicians

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After the recent scandal regarding the fake physicians, another one is surfacing, as the Bucharest University of City Engineering has unveiled, following internal checks, that dozens of people have bachelor degrees from the Faculty of Geodesy, although they haven’t graduated the final exam and have not attended the classes.  The fake engineers are now under police investigation and the diplomas have been cancelled, stiri.tvr.ro informs.

30 people are charged with having bachelor degrees without attending the classes. The checks were conducted for the period 2001-2018.

Rector Sorin Vacareanu says “they do not have marks in the catalogs. Some of them have been expelled from the university.”

The university has learned that at least seven of the 30 fake engineers have obtained licenses and now have the right to check specialized works. A geodesic engineer makes cadastral plans and measurements for surfaces, elevations, heights needed to build edifices, roads, and bridges.

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