300 people evacuated from commune in Covasna County due to floods

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300 people have been evacuated on the night of Wednesday to Thursday from Capeni commune, Covasna County, while the authorities were trying to prevent the nearby dam from collapsing. Minister of waters and forests, Olimpia Neagu, went last evening to Capeni, finding out that the situation has improved a bit, and promised an assessment will be conducted when the floods are over, in order to avoid such situations in the future.

“About 20-30 metres of the dam are in critical situation. We have decided together with the specialists to bring more sandbags to consolidate this part. The level of Olt River has fallen by 6 cm,” Neagu said.

Thursday morning the situation was not much different, as water was pouring above the dam on a 20-30 metres distance.

“Super-human efforts are being made to keep this dam in one piece. We can’t say yet that the danger is gone,” the minister added.

Covasna County Prefect, Sebastian Cucu, said fifteen families in the flooded area have left their households.

“It is a preventive evacuation, as the nearby dam could let water pour. Most of the people left by themselves,” the Prefect said.

Wednesday evening, the authorities decided to evacuate about 300 people from 130 households from Capeni, Covasna County, due to the risk of breaking the protection dam on Olt River, in Baraolt.

The spokesman of the Covasna County inspectorate for emergency situations (ISU), Marius Tolvaj, said the situation is monitored and the institution has summoned important forces from volunteer fire-fighter to gendarmes and police, from ISU Mures and ISU Bacau, which help the evacuation manoeuvres.

Lazar Kiss Barna, mayor of Baraolt, locality belonging to Capeni commune, said the part of the locals refuse to leave their households and have taken responsibility by signing a document in this regard. He added that, is the dam breaks, the authorities will start the forced evacuation.

Interior Minister Carmen Dan to visit the flooded areas

According to a release from the Interior Ministry, Minister Carmen Dan will visit the flooded areas at the border of Covasna and Brasov counties on Thursday.

The source mentions that “currently, at the site, there are fire-fighters, gendarmes and policemen, which act together with local volunteers to strengthen, with sandbags, the dam on Olt River, in Baraolt.”

Photo: TV capture, TVR 1

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