300 Romanians with assets of over 25 million euros to be checked by ANAF


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The national tax office will start checking the country’s rich. The National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) will keep a close eye on those who have a fortune greater than 25 million euros, but also on their children, partners and relatives. According to ANAF, there are 300 such people in Romania.

It is about a draft order, put up for debate by ANAF, which shows how the Tax Office will estimate the large assets of Romanians. Namely, a high-net-worth individual is tax resident in Romania and has a net worth of more than 25 million euros. The estimation of the wealth is done by adding up the value of the immovable and movable assets and the financial assets that he owns, both in the country and abroad. With this measure, ANAF wants to check whether people with impressive fortunes align themselves with the tax rules and pay all taxes to the state.

At the same time, their husbands, wives and relatives, up to the second degree, will come under the supervision of the Treasury. The database with the rich in the country will be updated once every 3 years, by introducing other new names, and once every 6 years, in order to eliminate those who no longer meet the criteria.


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