31 years since the anti-communist Revolution. President: “Judiciary must do its part”


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31 years since the fall of the communist regime and since the Romanian Revolution are marked these days. The spark of the riot that led to the toppling down of the Ceausescu’s regime started in Timisoara, on December 16 through December 20, 1989, while December 21 became the first day of the Bucharest Revolution.

On December 22, 1989, tens of thousands of Bucharesters took to the streets which determined dictator Nicolae Ceausescu to flee by helicopter. A few hours later, public institutions were attacked by “terrorists” with gunfire. The ambulance doctors say they transported dozens of injured during that day.

Although there has been a file in court on the bloody events from December 1989 for several years now, there is no final verdict yet, with those guilty for the repression still not held accountable.

In a message sent on the occasion of the Revolution commemoration, President Klaus Iohannis said that “the immeasurable pain of losing the dear ones has been doubled all those years that passed since the Revolution by the state’s infamous inability to hold accountable the guilty ones for the bloody repression”.

The head of state also says that the judiciary must do its part and that “any delay will turn this shameful remainder in a serious attack against our democracy”.

Klaus Iohannis states that “nobody must ever forget that, for their ideals, Romanians stood in front of the tanks, and ever since, forever, December is the day of the Victory of the Romanian Revolution, that all generations must keep alive in their memory and must honour properly”.

The Romanian President also points out that “the health of a society depends to a large extent on the way that lessons of the past are learnt and assumed and, that’s why, the truth must be restored and justice must be served, a justice that we’ve been waiting for too many years”.

Last year in December, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the commemoration of 30 years since the Romanian anti-communist revolution from 1989, asking the Romanian state to intensify efforts “efforts to clarify the truth in relation to the events of the revolution, an absolute necessity for the country, the Romanian people, Europe and the European Union, in light of the right of the Romanian people to learn the truth, 30 years on from the revolution of December 1989″.

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