35,000 transporters to protest in Bucharest and large cities on Wednesday

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About 35,000 road passenger transporters will protest on Wednesday in Bucharest and the large cities against piracy and fiscal evasion, warning furthermore to come to Bucharest on December 20 if nothing is solved, a release from the Confederation of Authorized Operators and Carriers in Romania (COTAR) on Monday reads.

The confederation warned last week about the imminence of protests.

Thus, during 9.00h-20.00h about 5,000 transporters will protest in front of the Government building and others 30,000 in the large cities such as Timisoara, Arad, Iasi, Brasov, Bacau, Craiova and Constanta, antena3.ro informs.

“Road transportation collects some 4.7% of revenues to the GDP, but state authorities tolerate piracy, the number of those who act in this regard being almost equal with the licensed transporters. Soon, Romania will lose the 4.7% to the GDP due to the unfair competition and piracy, tolerated during the past seven years, as the licensed operators will go bankrupt. We do not understand how the Government is preparing on ordinance to criminally prosecute those fail to pay the taxes, as we notice the ‘uberization’ phenomenon is tolerated and supported by the Government by the lack of measures to stop them,” the release reads.

COTAR says the phenomenon is related not only to Uber, but to all the unlicensed businesses hidden behind digital platforms.

“Ordinance 34/2010 should have eliminated piracy in transportation, but only a few months after its adoption, the lawmakers have amended it so that it can no longer be applied. Moreover, in 2015, Lucian Sova introduced the phrase ‘repeatedly’ in the law, so that the control bodies cannot enforce the law unless they prove that the transporter had already made illegal transport of persons and is not at the first offense – which virtually eliminates the possibility to intervene for the elimination of piracy in road transport,” the COTAR communiqué issued last week reads.

The release on Monday calls for eliminating the phrase ‘repeatedly’.

The release also appeals to PM Mihai Tudose: “Mr. Prime Minister, we don’t want money, tax incentives, we want a simple regulation. The situation we found ourselves is embarrassing, due to your silence! If following our protest on December 13 the Government’s attitude in regard to piracy, tax evasion, fraud and unfair competition in transports does not change, on December 20, 2017 lots of transportation means will come from throughout the country to Bucharest for a meeting in front of the Government building to ask for observing the current legal framework.”

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