36 localities in 13 counties affected by floods, Interior Ministry says


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The effects of the floods are felt in 36 localities in 13 counties, with 234 household yards still being affected, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) informs on Friday.

According to the MAI, the flood situation in the country has improved over the past 12 hours.

”The Ministry of Internal Affairs’ employees are on duty to support the citizens. In the past 12 hours, no hazard situations have been recorded as a result of hydrological phenomena, but the MAI forces monitor the affected areas and are prepared to support the local communities. The floods effects are still visible in 36 localities in 13 counties. Also, 234 household yards, 15 household annexes, 622 fountains, 8 bridges/footbridges and 21 cellars/basements are still flooded,” the MAI release reads.

The ministry’s representatives say they will forward to the Prefect any warning that hydrologists or meteorologists will issue in the coming days.

“We remind that until 20.00h are in force the Orange Code and Yellow Code hydrological warnings in the Mureş River Basin – middle sector, Târnave, Olt, Călmatui, Teleorman, Sabar, Neajlov, Prut. The situation is further monitored at the level of the National Centre for Integrated Leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, along with the task force of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and which is permanently connected to the other institutions represented in the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations,” the MAI informs.


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