3D Mechanical ventilator developed by researchers in Cluj-Napoca


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A team of professors from the Technical University in Cluj-Napoca, from the Faculty of Machine Building, have made a prototype of emergency mechanical ventilator through the 3D  printing technology, destined for emergency situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The dean of the Faculty of Machine Building, Nicolae Bâlc said that the idea emerged from the need to support the healthcare system amid the Coronavirus crisis. As the existing mechanical ventilators in the intensive care units across Romanian hospitals might be insufficient if the patients number is on the rise, the faculty started to build such a device and they have been encouraged by the Defence Ministry to go on with this project.

The emergency mechanical ventilator, named V_Ro_Covid, is based on a manual CPR device, which is available on the market. So the pump is triggered mechanically, but the moving cycle of the arms is programmed and done with the help of automation.

The device has been tested and it currently can control and adjust at least 3 vital breathing functions: the frequency of breathing, ranging from 8 to 20 breaths per minute (a value every two can be selected), the volume of air pumped in the lungs, from 200 to 800 ml depending on the patient’s weight and the report among the times of inhale-exhale functions, which is generally 1:2.

The prototype of the ventilator has a LCD display to display the parameters and has 6 push-buttons where the doctor can select and schedule the value of the three main working parametres. The ventilator also has an audio alarm, Hotnews.ro reports.

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