4.9 magnitude earthquake in Gorj


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A new earthquake occurred on Monday afternoon in Oltenia region, northwestern Romania. The earthquake had a magnitude of 4.9 degrees, according to the National Institute for Earth Physics (INFP). The earthquake occurred at 4:02 p.m., at a depth of only 15 km.

The earthquake occurred 16 km northwest of Târgu Jiu, 66 km northeast of Drobeta Turnu Severin, 70 km south of Hunedoara, 84 km south of Deva, 97 km east of Resita, 99 km west of Râmnicu Valcea.

The most significant earthquake in the Oltenia area occurred on February 14 and had an intensity of 5.7 on the Richter scale, being followed by hundreds of aftershocks.

The day before, in the same area, an earthquake of 5.2 degrees occurred, at a depth of 16.5 kilometers. The “seismic doublet” type system recorded in February represents the area’s most intense activation since records are available for the region, according to the INFP.

The area where these earthquakes occurred is known for weak-moderate seismic activity, with events of magnitude above 5 very rare. The last estimated magnitude 5.2 earthquake occurred in 1943 at a depth of 6 miles (9.9 kilometers), the National Institute of Earth Physics said. Other more significant earthquakes produced in the area were recorded in:

  • 1912 – 4.5 degrees, depth 10 km
  • 1916 – 3.9 degrees, depth 10 km
  • 1962 – 4 degrees, depth 16 km
  • 1963 – 4.5 degrees, depth 10 km.

Following recent quakes in Gorj area, the representatives of the National Institute for Earth Physics tries to explain: “Earth cannot be put into a formula. We cannot make predictions.There is no method to make earthquake predictions, worldwide, there is no formula. These systems of forces that occur in the earth’s crust are complex and chaotic in character, they do not evolve in an easily predictable way. It is impossible to say what exactly will happen in the future. A Dutchman started a “prediction” with “sooner or later”. This is not a prediction. Such “predictions” have no way of being accepted by the scientific community. That’s it, we are at the mercy of nature.The devices record the movements during the production of the earthquakes, they cannot predict them”, they said.

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