4 Romanians want to break the record for the longest padel marathon


Four Romanian athletes intend to play padel 25 hours at a stretch in an attempt to break the world Guiness record for the longest padel ‘marathon’. The funds raised following the event will go to two programmes carried out by Save the Children Romania.

Padel is a racquet sport. In the US and Canada the sport is known as Paddle. In the US, it is played as a winter sport in country clubs, with heated courts.

Adrian Vodislav, Adrian Barbu, Gabi Moraru and Dan Lazăr, former professional tennis players will try to enter the Guinness Record Book for playing ‘the longest’ padel game.

The event is hosted by PadelMania club in Herastrau Park, Bucharest on September 17-18, when the athletes will continuously play for 25 hours. The money raised will be invested in two programmes developed by Save the Children Romania: “School after School” and “The second chance”.

The sportsmen plan to raise RON 12,000 needed to buy a school bag fully equipped with all writing materials and a set of sports equipment for 40 children registered in the two programmes.

“There are children who are not in the educational system but who want to attend school. They cannot afford though. These children need all our support to have equal chances. These two programmes help them continue their studies and offer support to their parents (…)” said Gabriela Alexandrescu, executive president Save the Children Romania.

Since 2010, 16,700 children have been matriculated in those two programmes, while 13,000 parents have been financially, socially, legally and psychologically supported.

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