400 motorcyclists, Cosmopolis and celebrities team up to help renovating five placement centers for children

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Over 400 motorcyclists, members of the Bikers for Humanity community, were involved in the total renovation of the five placement centers in Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău County. Over the past 11 months, the five placement centers, which house 60 children, have undergone an extensive modernization process.

The social responsibility project started in the autumn of 2020, when, in the first phase, with the help of 50 volunteer motorcyclists, all the furniture in the bedrooms, kitchens and halls at the entrance to the centers was replaced. In the winter of the same year, the rehabilitation works of the toilets started. This spring, Cosmopolis residential complex joined as the main sponsor of this project. Thus, with the new support, the roofs of the 5 centers were replaced and the rainwater collection system was restored.

The renovation was completed this weekend, after in the last three weeks the Bikers for Humanity volunteers worked on the construction of new fences, redeveloping the yards and playgrounds, respectively arranging new green spaces and planting  flowers. Children living in these foster homes will be able to enjoy the new playgrounds that now have basketball boards, tennis tables, a badminton court, shades and bench tables. Basically, today, 60 children benefit from modern living conditions. In total, over 56,000 euros were invested in the renovation of the five placement centers.

“We have chosen to invest in the future of these children. The Cosmopolis donation meant a donation on behalf of the 12,000 people living in Cosmopolis. We are proud to be the main partner of Bikers for Humanity, one of the most important motorcycle communities in Romania. We are aware that there is a need for a strong partnership between the private sector and the authorities, so that any CSR project has a social impact as large as possible. We will always sponsor projects that bring real change to society. We started from the premise that we are the most important residential complex in Bucharest, the first city built after 1989, not only our customers have the right to enjoy the best living conditions, but also the children from these placement centers “, declared Gabriel Voicu, Project Manager for Cosmopolis.

Apart from the donation made by Cosmopolis, additional funds were raised following a charity auction in which artists and athletes such as Cristi Minculescu (Iris), Nicolae Covaci (Phoenix), Răzvan Exarhu (Rock FM), Alin „Coiotu ‘” Dincă and Balauru ‘(Trooper), Nicu Alifantis, Alexandru Andrieș Mihai Leu, Marian Drăgulescu and the National Rugby Team offered personal items, with sentimental value.

“Bikers for Humanity is more than a motorcycle community. We are a community that is involved in good deeds and we raise funds for social causes, we help the helpless, we get involved in changing destinies. We set out with a clear mission, to have a real impact on society. Our mission in Râmnicu Sărat has been successfully fulfilled, 60 children will have much better living conditions. We do not stop here, and any donation will be used in projects that change destinies “, mentioned Cristian Hrubaru, the founder of Bikers for Humanity.

Anyone wishing to support the Bikers for Humanity causes can donate 2 euros via SMS with the text BFH to 8844.

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