43 children reported missing in Bucharest in 2019

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Over 230 minors have been reported missing in Bucharest this year, while 43 of them have never been found to this day, the Capital Police announced. Policemen are trying to also identify 24 children who have been missing since 2018.

In the first half of 2019, 236 cases of children were reported missing, and there are 43 pending cases.

Around 95% of these cases represent voluntary and repeated departures of the children admitted in the foster homes,” the Police says.

Last year, 24 children were reported missing and they have never been found. Overall, in 2018 there were 519 cases of missing kids.

The statistics have been released amid tragic cases of Caracal, where two teen girls are reported missing, allegedly killed. A civic movement, “I am Alexandra, too”, was born after more and more cases of missing children and teenagers had come to surface.

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  1. Harry says

    Knowing how lazy police is in Romania they just assume the kids ran away. Romania becomes a heaven for child molesters and killers.

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