45% of Romanians usually do daily cleaning, survey finds

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  • 45% of respondents say they tend to clean daily or almost daily.
  • 46% of Romanians say they prefer offers like 3 + 1 for free, 1 + 1 for free, when it comes to purchasing cleaning products.
  • Young people are the most loyal to their favorite cleaning products – 33% of them always buy the same brands.

Reveal Marketing Research conducted a study on the consumption behavior of Romanians regarding cleaning products during this period. In the context of the pandemic, in which the importance of hygiene has increased, it is important to analyze how people’s behaviors change and what the impact is on their normal activities. The study followed the frequency of sanitation activities, loyalty to brands of cleaning products and preference for their places of purchase.

1 in 2 Romanians cleans their house almost daily

45% of respondents say they clean their house (almost) daily, and almost a quarter (24%) do this 2-3 times a week. Women spend more time cleaning than men: 55% say they do it every day, compared to 37% of men who say the same thing. The most preoccupied respondents with this activity are people aged 25-34 (50% of them said they clean daily), followed by almost half (49%) of those over 55.

The most common activities are:

  • Dishwashing – 9 out of 10 respondents say they do this daily (87%)
  • Laundry – 4 out of 10 Romanians say they do this 2-3 times a week, especially people between 35-44 years old and with average income

Windows are washed less often – 22% of respondents say they do this 2-3 times a month, and 19% say they wash them once a month.

Cleaning products are purchased from the supermarket / hypermarket

According to Reveal Marketing Research, Romanians say they prefer to buy cleaning products from the supermarket or hypermarket (78%), while only 16% of respondents go to nearby shops. Online orders for cleaning products are preferred by only 6% of Romanians.

Half of the respondents buy more disinfectant products because of the COVID-19 context

Because the context of the pandemic influenced various consumer behaviors, we wondered to what extent it had an impact on the purchase of cleaning products among Romanians. 45% of respondents say they currently buy the same products as before the pandemic, but add to the cart some new products that contain disinfectant or other active substances, especially the mature segment – people aged 45-55. 5% of respondents say that now they choose other products that contain disinfectant or other active substances. However, 1 in 2 Romanians say they still buy the same cleaning products as before the pandemic broke out, according to Reveal Marketing Research, especially young people aged 18-24.

The cleaning products market is stable – 3 out of 10 Romanians always buy the same brand, regardless of promotions. Young people and those with average incomes – the most loyal consumers

More than half of the respondents (55%) state that they alternate about the same brands, depending on the promotions on the shelf, when it comes to choosing cleaning products, and 29% of Romanians are loyal to their favorite brand – they always buy the same brand, without taking into account the promotions. Instead, some consumers purchase cleaning products based on shelf promotions – 13% of respondents selected this option. Only 3% of Romanians say they look at other criteria and never buy the same brand, making the choice based on the ads they see or the attractiveness of the packaging.

The most loyal are the young people (18-24 years old) with a percentage of 33% of them who always buy the same brands for cleaning products. In terms of income, those with average incomes are the most loyal – 32% of them with this answer. Consumers who alternate brands are, in particular, those with high incomes – 68% of them have selected this option.

Loyalty is given by the large quantities purchased – Romanians prefer 3 + 1 packages for free, so they use the same brands for a long time

On average, 46% of Romanians say they prefer offers with the same product, such as 3 + 1 free, 1 + 1 free, when it comes to cleaning products, and 40% of Romanians, on average, opt for quantity offers , for example – you get 20% more from the chosen product, for the same price. Complementary packages (eg conditioner + detergent) were mentioned by 28% of respondents as attractive.

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