450 inmates to be evicted from the Iasi Penitentiary over building collapse risk

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The National Penitentiary Administration (ANP) has ordered last week the emergency eviction of 450 inmates from a wing of the penitentiary in Iasi. Penitentiary trade unions say that the building has a high risk of collapse in case of earthquake and is thus jeopardizing the life of the inmates and of the guardians. The trade unionist also accuse that, despite this, the building is not on the list of investment and revamping, although the Justice minister knows the situation.

Wing A of the Iasi Penitentiary has five detention sections and it’s a building without foundation, and is currently inhabited by over 100 inmates, who cannot be relocated in other detention centers in Moldavia region, for want of space. According to our estimation, the rehabilitation of this building would cost around EUR 7 million, and the reconstruction, aprox. EUR 4.5 million, with the new building to host 250 inmates and to provide the standard of 4sqm/for each inmate,” says a press release by the Trade Union Federation of the Penitentiaries.

The trade unionist remind that the ECHR officials have asked for the modernization of the prisons, while arguing that this process had been “undermined” by the current Justice minister, Tudorel Toader, who ordered the cut by half of the investments needed for the prisons’ revamping, from RON 7.7 M to RON 3 M.

The trade union of the penitentiary staff asked for minister Toader’s dismissal for ‘incompetence and indolence’, while urging the urgent allotment of funds to modernize the penitentiary system. Moreover, the trade will announce the general protests’ timetable as of next week.

On the other hand, ANP said that about 500 inmates from Iasi will be relocated to other prisons and that the Iasi penitentiary will undergo a facelift process, which will also include building a new 600-seat detention pavilion.

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