46 pc of Romanians see the country heading in the right direction, 41 pc in the wrong direction

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The Romanians are divided over the direction in which Romania is going, and more than a quarter see as the main source of concern the worsening state of health, reveal the results of an Inscop survey released by Agerpres.
In July 46.7% of respondents said that Romania is heading in the right direction (compared to 50.8% in April), 41.8% believe the direction is wrong (compared to 36.1% in April), while 11.5% did not know or did not answer (compared to 13.2% in April), the survey shows.
The worsening of health condition leads the list of sources of concern with 26.9% of the options (compared to 24% in April), followed by lower revenues with 15.1% (compared to 18.2% in April) and the loss of the job – 14.6% (compared to 15.5% in April).
The possibility of a conflict/war in our area worries 13.2% of respondents (compared to 14.4% in April).
“As concerns, the price increase follows with 9.3% of the options (12.7% in April). 6.8% of respondents are worried about political instability (compared to 3.4% in April), 5.6% of the possibility of natural disasters (compared to 5.3% in April) and 1.9% of environmental damage (compared to 2% in April). 5% of respondents are concerned by other issues, while the percentage of non-answers is of 1.7%,” the Inscop barometer reads.
‘Inscop Barometer – The truth about Romania’ was conducted by Inscop Research for ‘Adevarul’ newspaper during July 9-14, 2015. The sample was of 1,075 people and is representative for the Romanian population 18 years old and over. MPE data is plus/minus 3% at a confidence level of 95%. The method used was the opinion poll based on a questionnaire applied by interviewers at the respondents’ domicile.

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