5 employees pay the pensions of two retirees in Bucharest. In Teleorman, 5 employees pay the pensions of 8 people


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The average number of retirees was 5,079,000 in 2021, down 49,000 from the previous year, according to the National Institute of Statistics released on Wednesday.

The average number of state social insurance pensioners was 4,654,000 persons decreasing with 21 thousands persons as against of the previous year.

The average monthly pension (is determined based on all amounts of pensions for all categories of pensioners social insurance, invalidity, survivors etc. paid by Pensions Houses1) was 1666 lei, increasing with 11.1% as against the previous year.

The social insurance pensioners represent the majority ( 99.98%) of the total number of pensioners, while the state social insurance pensioners represent 91.65% out of the total insurance pensioners.

By categories of pensions, the number of social insurance pensioners was represented mainly (79.2%) by the number of old age pensioners. The anticipated and partial anticipated old age categories of pensioners represented 2.2%.
The total ratio between the average number of state social insurance pensioners and the one of employees was of 9 to 10; this
ratio varies widely at territorial level, from only 4 pensioners to 10 employees in Ilfov county or Bucharest, to 16 pensioners to 10 employees in Teleorman county,14 to 10 in Giurgiu and Vaslui county, and 13 to 10 in Botoṣani county.
The average state monthly social insurance pension
shows significant territorial disparities, the gap between the minimum and maximum value being 851 lei (1273 lei in Botoṣani county, 1281 lei in Giurgiu county, 1297 lei in Vrancea county as compared to 2124 lei in Hunedoara county, 2026 lei in Bucharest, and 1889 lei in Braṣov county).

In 2021, the total number of beneficiaries of EGO2 no 6/2009 regarding the minimum guaranteed social pension (social indemnity) was 943.7 thousands persons, of which:
793.1 thousands persons from state social insurance system, representing 17.0% out of the total pensioners of this category;

132.8 thousands persons from the former system of farmers representing 57.9% out of the total pensioners of this category;
17.8 thousands persons from military system, representing 2.4% out of the total of this category.

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