50 cm snow layer in Bucegi Mountains, tourists are advised to avoid climbing

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The snow layer Tuesday morning in Bucegi Mountains plateau was of 40 cm, reaching 50 cm in certain areas, with blizzards ongoing. The tourists are advised by the mountain rescuers to avoid travelling in the mountains these days.

The head of Busteni Mountain Rescuers Service, Gheorghe Haiduc, said on Tuesday that snow was abundant on the plateau of Bucegi Mountains, accompanied by blizzard, gandul.info informs.

“The snow layer has reached 40 cm, in some areas about 50 cm. Blizzard is ongoing,” Haiduc said.

The tourists are advised to avoid travelling in the mountains.

In turn, Radu Manta, working with the meteorology station on Omu Peak (photo), said Tuesday morning that the temperature was -6 degrees Celsius and the snow layer is 112 cm.

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