60 drivers, detected by Police speeding at 180-218 km/h

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Almost 60 drivers were detected by Police speeding at 180-218 km/h and had their driving licenses suspended for 90 days. According to the Police General Inspectorate (IGPR), last week 57 individuals were detected speeding over 180 km/h.

The highest speed registered was of 218 km/h on Highway 3 (A3), capital.ro informs.

During May 2-6, 18 drivers were detected on the A1 motorway, Deva-Nadlac, at speeds between 183 km/h and 203 km/h. On the Râmnicu Vâlcea-Deva section, seven other drivers were found driving at speeds of 181 km/h and 193 km/h, and on the Bucharest – Ramnicu Valcea section three drivers had at speeds of up to 195 km/h, the source informs.

Also, the radar equipments registered four drivers driving at 182 km/h, 186 km/h, 192 km/h and 194 km/h on the A2 Bucharest-Constanţa highway.

“During the same period, on the A3 Turda-Bors highway, the police found 14 drivers who exceeded the legal speed limit, driving at speeds of 183 km/h and 218 km/h. On the Bucharest-Braşov section, 11 drivers were found speeding at 181 km/h and 211 km/h. The maximum speed was recorded on May 3, at kilometre 4 of the A3 motorway, when police officers detected a 26-year-old man driving at 218 km/h,” the IGPR communiqué reads.

According to the IGPR, all detected drivers were fined between RON 1,305 and RON 5,075 and have their driving licenses suspended for 90 days.

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