64 candles laid down in front of the DNA HQs, complaints to be filed soon


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The representatives of the Colectiv GTG 3010 association on Friday laid down 64 candles in front of the National Anti-corruption Directorate HQs, representing the number of the youngsters who died following the tragic nightclub fire. The association also informed that complaints would be filed soon regarding the fraud of the signatures for Cristian Popescu Piedone’s candidature for the District 4 city hall.

We laid down 64 candles. We want to wake prosecutors up. It’s not normal that a man should want to run for the mayor seat although he is investigated in some files that are not concluded anymore,” the association’s president Eugen Iancu said.

The 64 candles were accompanied by messages such as “We don’t press you, just reminding you” or “No guilty person in the Colectiv case will not get away unpunished.”

The victims’ relatives argued that the magistrates have established that there is a fraud in the case of the signatures raised to endorse Piedone’s campaign. “We’ll notify the Prosecutor’s Office, for we see the Prosecutor’s Office is sleeping. DNA is summoning all kind of politicians who eventually withdraw from the electoral race, but Piedone is still running,” Eugen Iancu stated.

Cristian Popescu Piedone informed that doesn’t give up running for a new District 4 mayor seat after the Bucharest Tribunal had rejected his candidature on the ground that half of the signatures are not compliant with the law.

Two days after the court’s ruling, Piedone announced that he had already raised 4,100 signatures. “I hope this time they would not be challenged anymore,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

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