6yo girl, summoned to pay hospital fees, threatened with foreclosure

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A woman from Iasi says she has received a collection letter issued by the County Health Insurance House, announcing her 6-year-old daughter has to pay RON 35, as hospital fees referring to hospitalization during 2014-2015, when the girl had been admitted to hospital to treat a femur fracture.

According to the mother, the letter also says that if the sum is not paid in 15 days, the girl should cover for the legal expenses and also risks foreclosure.

The woman added that she didn’t know anything about any debt to the health insurance body and that she has nothing against paying the sum, but that she doesn’t understand why she hadn’t been the one informed about this situation, but her 6-year-old daughter, who hardly knows to read and write.

Is it normal a 6yo child should receive such a collection letter? The girl has been hospitalised during June 8-12, 2014 with femur fracture, and the County Health Insurance House says that the self-declaration is opposite to what they have found out. She was only 2 years old back then,” says the mother, announcing she will go to the Public Finance Administration to ask for further explanations.

In retort, the head of the Iasi Health Insurance House, Radu Tibichi says that the institution has done anything wrong.

“I have checked the case, the minor was indeed hospitalised in 2014. During hospitalization, the mother, as legal representative, and the child went to have some tests at the lab within the hospital’s outpatient facility. There she signed a self-declaration claiming the minor wouldn’t have been admitted in hospital at that moment, which was not true. We cannot discount the same services twice. That lady is guilty and she has to assume it. She should have come to us first and ask us what is all about,” Tibichi said.

He also explained that the health insurance body cannot issue collection letter based on the insurer’s social security number, so the institution could not send a letter of formal notice to the minor patient’s parents.

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