7 million Romanians – at risk of poverty

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Seven million Romanians are at risk of poverty. The alarming figure comes from the National Statistics Institute. Last year, one-third of the population lived in tough conditions, in houses with dirty walls and toilets in the courtyard.

One in three people in Romania did not have durable goods last year: washing machine, a color TV, a telephone, a computer or a car. The poorest Romanians live in Oltenia and Moldavia, INS informs.

Figures also show that over 35% of Romanians live in houses where there are serious problems. In almost 30% of the Romanian homes there is no sanitary group, and in over 27% there is no bathtub or shower. Also, 11% of people in our country live in dwellings with walls full of dampness or having damaged floors.

Almost 3.9 million people did not afford last year to pay the rent, mortgage or monthly bills or to eat meat every other day. Also, two out of three Romanians could not afford to pay for a holiday and one in two could not cope with unforeseen circumstances.

4 out of 10 children and 4 out of 10 young people are at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

At European level, Romania ranks second, after Bulgaria, in this chapter.

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