70 pc of Romanians are happier at work than at home, study claims

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70 per cent of the Romanians say they are happier at work than at home (57 per cent). At the same time, six in ten Romanians say they are really happy, says a study released by Reveal Marketing Research on Tuesday, on the International Day of Happiness.

Why are they happier at work? The study explains that the respondents consider a limited number of rational benefits as achieved or not at work: the salary, the relation with his/her colleagues and the relation with the employer. Scoring these elements leads to a high level of personal satisfaction, say the authors of the study.

Researchers also pointed out that, on the opposite side, when happiness is related to the personal life at home, the list becomes longer, more emotional, being related to the interaction to other people, to the family, personal identity and free time. For this reason, the level of happiness is lower as the person is extending the list of his needs and realizes that he can hardly score them.

The study reveals that women are more optimistic (71 pc at work and 60 pc at home), while men are more concerned (68 pc at work and 55 pc at home).

So, the profile of happiest Romanian rather belongs to a woman, aged 30 to 35, living in the city, married, with average education and income, having at least one child.

The profile of the happiest man belongs to a 35yo, living in the city, married with children, high education and income.

However, if children bring more happiness to women, they put a higher pressure on the family from the men’s perspective.

The report also says that Romanians living in the countryside are more discontent with their standard of living.

The study has been conducted on a national sample of 1,008 people during March 5-16, 2018.

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